Support local businesses during coronavirus crisis
Using local stores will have an enormous impact for their business.

Support local businesses during coronavirus crisis

Working from home. Self-quarantine. Cancelled sporting events. Social distancing may help mitigate the coronavirus crisis, but it also threatens to devastate small businesses. Less foot traffic and a reluctance to go out will leave shops and restaurants empty.
01.April 2020 Elianne Strøm Topstad

While the state and the local governments will need to step in with financial help, there are  ways individuals can help support  their favorite small businesses stay afloat through the crisis. And the best part: you can even support them during self-isolation!

Buy gift cards
Purchasing a gift card from your favorite shop, theatre or restaurant is an immediate way to put cash into the business.

Shop local - online and off
Using local stores will have an enormous impact on their business. Many stores are now offering home delivery for customers who can't leave home. Are you well and running errands, remember to follow the health guidelines: keep at least one metre away from people, cough/sneeze into a paper tissue or into your elbow and most important of all: good hand hygiene.

Order in
Many independently owned restaurants and food businesses are now offering home delivery, a new  service for many of them.

Write a review
Write reviews on the food/restaurant you have eaten,  potential customers will read it and the overall effect could be fantastic. Not only would you be sharing your inside information on where to eat or go shopping in your local area, you would also give the store and it’s employees a boost in morale.

Like, comment on and share their social posts.

Post that foodie photo
Did you order take out from your favorite restaurant for dinner and forget to post the picture? Post it now and tag the restaurant.

Sign up for their newsletters
If you want to take your support to the next level then why not sign up to the newsletter for your local store or restaurant.


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