Recreational network and activities

in the Stavanger-area

Overview: Where to go and what to do?

Fjord Norway

Visit Stavanger

Outdoor activities:  (overview of popular destinations for hiking)

Turistforeningen  (hiking, skiing, rafting and much more for all ages)

Friluftsråd  (Dalane)  Friluftsråd (Jæren)   Friluftsråd (Ryfylke)

+ hundreds of others (climbing, cycling, kayaking, running, volleyball, cricket, football etc)

Networking, membership organizations and volunteer work:

International organizations  181 nations located in the Stavanger Area. About 80 have their own organization.

Sølvberget (Library Stavanger)

International Culture Cafe

SAPS (Stavanger Active Society)

PWC- Stavanger (People Who Connect Stavanger)

PWN Stavanger (Professional Women Network)

+ hundreds of others ( Frivillighet Norge, 300 organizations, most of them represented in our region)

Frivillig (volunteer work)

Frivilligsentralene (located in each municipality)


Stavanger Expat FB page



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