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This declaration on privacy policy covers the web pages of the Stavanger Chamber of Commerce  ( and The declaration provides you with the information you are entitled to when we collect your data, following the Norwegian Personal Data Act, Section 19 /GDPR Article 14, and the Norwegian Personal Data Act, Section 18, first paragraph/GDPR Article 12-13.
The Stavanger Chamber of Commerce (VAT-number: 971079231) holds the legal responsibility for the handling of personal data. In our organisation, the operational responsibility is held by Harald Minge (CEO) and Egil Hollund (Communication Manager).

Personal data (usually names, email addresses, and in some cases telephone numbers and postal addresses) are collected to enable us to communicate with potential, existing and former members and clients. Also, this allows us to provide the necessary services to our members/clients and to follow up on complaints. Other personal data can also be collected, but these are also processed within the framework of GDPR Art. 6: Lawfulness of processing.
Processing of personal data is carried out following the Norwegian Personal Data Act/GDPR. This includes collecting, registration, processing, filing and disclosure, or a combination of these.

Some personal data is collected voluntarily in the sense that our members/users provide us with their data to use our services (i.e. carry out bookings). The SCC is obliged by law to assemble and file some types of information (i.e. accounting documents following the Norwegian Bookkeeping Act). In most cases, we collect personal data by utilising standardised forms on our webpage, email, telephone, SMS, or social media. Other types of communication may also occur.
The SCC neither collects, files or processes sensitive personal data.

Data on persons who participate in our Resource Groups are available on our webpage, pending on consent from the member concerned. Names of individuals listed as contact persons of our member companies are publicly available on our web page, pending approval. Names of participants at our meetings and conferences are open to the other participants of the actual conference.
Anyone can subscribe to our newsletter and other email-based information. It is up to the individual subscriber whether he/she wants to share personal data. Email addresses are not shared with others. Everyone can at any time withdraw their consent to receive our newsletter. This can be done by ticking the box «Meld meg av nyhetsbrevet» at the bottom of every newsletter.   
The SCC issues the Magazine Rosenkilden. The magazine is distributed to all members registered in our database, and to a large number of companies, organisations and public bodies in the Stavanger-region.  

A certain degree of sharing of personal data is necessary (and sometimes mandatory) for us to carry out our activities. This will typically be in our dealings with IT suppliers (i.e. web hotel, email, software and cloud-based services), accounting/revision, and various legally mandatory reporting to state and other public authorities.
Markedspartner hosts the sites and Also, we use Nets and Netaxept for services related to payments/money transfers, and HubSpot for MMS, CRM and distribution of emails. We have formal agreements with these suppliers, and we are confident that they all comply with the GDPR regulations.

Data security is of high priority for the SCC. We take great care in handling personal data safely and securely. All our suppliers within ICT and software are well established and highly recognised companies.

According to the Norwegian Personal Data Act, Section 18, everybody has access to their data. This access is granted by sending a written request to the SCC. If your data should prove to be incorrect or incomplete, you have the right to have the data deleted, according to the Norwegian Personal Data Act, Section 27.

According to the Norwegian Personal Data Act, Section 28, personal data which no longer serve the purpose for which they were collected, should be deleted. The SCC keeps files of personal data on our members following the Norwegian and European law.
Any member has, at any time, the right to have his/her data deleted. The only exception being the kind of information we are obliged to store following the national law (i.e. the Norwegian Bookkeeping Act).
If you do not want to receive our emails anymore, click the cancellation link which generally will be located at the bottom of our emails. If you wish to be deleted from all our registers, send us an email at

On our websites, we use cookies to secure statistical reliability and functionality for our users.
According to the Norwegian Electronic Communications Act, Section 2-7 b), we are obliged to inform on what type of cookies we use.
The SCC use cookies from:
Google Analytics: Web Statistics: In use to track users across multiple page views in connection with Web analytics.
HubSpot: Web Statistics and profiling. In use to track users across multiple page views related to analytics, marketing, and sales.

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