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Become a Stavanger Chamber International member company

Join SCI today and gain access to a wealth of resources, support, and networking opportunities tailored to empower and optimize your international workforce.

Recruiting and relocating employees across borders can be resource-intensive and present significant challenges for companies. The sheer volume of practical details to manage can often feel overwhelming. However, with an SCI membership, your company can streamline the process, saving both time and money, while ensuring that your new employees transition smoothly into the Stavanger region.

Why become a member?

As an SCI member, your international staff and their families gain complimentary access to our comprehensive introduction program. This includes a range of engaging social events designed to provide invaluable information about living and working in the Stavanger region. From navigating housing options, taxes, and employment opportunities to enjoying recreational activities such as skiing, hiking, city tours, concerts, and cooking classes, we cover it all.

Our events feature guest speakers from local businesses and organisations who generously share their expertise, offering practical advice and insights to help your employees settle in seamlessly. At SCI, we're committed to ensuring that our program is rewarding for everyone involved.

Member fee 2024
As a SCI member you pay an annual membership fee based on the number of employees in your company.  

1 - 3 employees                     3.000.-
4 - 10 employees                   6.000.-
11 - 25 employees               11.000.-
26 - 50 employees               14.000.- 
51 - 100 employees            26.000.-  
101 - 200 employees          31.000.-  
200 + employees                 38.000.- 

CLICK HERE to fill out and submit our membership form.

For more information about membership in Stavanger Chamber International do not hesitate to contact us:

Maria Mår Johansen, Sales and Marketing 
Tel: + 47 466 11 643
Randi Mannsåker,  Head of International Relations
Tel: + 47 464 12 959

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