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About Stavanger Chamber International (SCI)

Stavanger Chamber International (SCI) serves as a welcoming program operated by the Stavanger Chamber of Commerce. One of our main objectives is to provide newcomers and their families with activities and social gatherings where they can forge friendships and embrace the Norwegian way of life.

Integrating International Employees in the Stavanger-region
With over 180 nationalities residing in Stavanger, we take pride in fostering an international business community and strive to create an open and inclusive environment. The region has garnered international recognition as one of the regions worldwide for providing exceptional quality of life to individuals and families opting to work and live here.

Organisations invest significant resources in recruiting and relocating individuals and their families. Maximising the return on this investment hinges on the employee and their families swiftly integrating into their new surroundings. By providing comprehensive support during the initial stages of relocation, both employees, families and companies stand to benefit significantly. SCI offers a range of activities tailored to newcomers and their families, contributing to the onboarding process.

The Stavanger Business Region has a clear goal on how to attract international competence to the region. Read more about this here.

Stavanger Chamber International Membership
The Stavanger Chamber of Commerce offers a SCI membership for companies with an international workforce. 
Read more about membership here.   

Stavanger Chamber of Commerce
The Stavanger Chamber of Commerce is also a vital business association, collaborating closely with the municipalities, political leaders, and local enterprises. We serve as a supportive resource and advisor to local businesses on a variety of matters, with the overall aim of enhancing the region's appeal. Our goal is to contribute and facilitate the attraction of companies and global talents to our region.

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