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About Stavanger Chamber of Commerce

The Stavanger Chamber of Commerce and Industry is Norway's largest Chamber and Business organisation. Since its establishment in 1836, the organisation has worked for its member companies, ensuring that the region has the attributes needed to make it a preferred region to live and work in. We are the regions largest organiser of business meetings and seminars, we publish the business magazine Rosenkilden, and we offer a variety of products to the business sector.

Our organization is present in the entire region – from Dalane in the south to Ryfylke in the north.
We have local representatives and resource groups throughout the county. These groups work within a district, with local challenges, but with a regional scope. We are a business organization working without boundry limitations working towards a boundaryless region.  We are at our best when we´ve got good working partners, which often includes the public sector.

Vision and Values
Our vision «Gir kraft til vekst» means boosting growth. Our three chosen work values are ´brave, agenda setting and being good hosts´. This means we will be visible setting the agenda regarding communal and governmental plans and decisions. We will be bold and brave in our role as the business sectors representative, and we will be good hosts facilitating important meetings and assisting in the expansion of business networks and relationships between our members.

Stavanger Chamber International (SCI)
SCI is a support program run by the Stavanger Chamber of Commerce . Our goal is to assist newcomers and their families adapt to Norwegian life in the best possible way. By providing the right support in the early stages of relocating, both employee and company will benefit greatly. The Stavanger Chamber of Commerce offers a membership in SCI for all its Chamber members. Read more about membership here. 

In this climate of global business and mobility, companies invest substantial amounts of money in re-locating families and individuals. In order to achieve the best possible return on this investment it is imperative that the expatriate and family integrate into their new environment and find their place in the new society. Adapting to change is often a challenge and the expatriate and family can often find themselves struggling with making the necessary adjustment. During these times, the expatriate normally finds themselves managing the cultural adjustment process alone - and having a difficult time doing so. Experience shows that timing is important, and that the first 2 to 6 months are crucial.



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