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SCI is a support program run by the Stavanger Chamber of Commerce . Our goal is to assist newcomers and their families adapt to Norwegian life in the best possible way. By providing the right support in the early stages of relocating, both employee and company will benefit greatly.

SCI offers seminars, social events, networking and a monthly newsletter. We provide spousal support in regards to career advice should this be required.We arrange monthly Living and Working in the Stavanger Region Course days which is a program covering Geography, History, Politics, Culture, Norwegian Characteristics, Daily life, Safety, Transport, a tour of Stavanger and lunch. We also provide half day Cultural Awareness seminars focusing on creating an international ‘We’ Culture within the workplace.


Area Orientation Program
The SCI Area Orientation program is a full-day course for Newcomers to Rogaland.
This programme emphasizes practical information about living and working in Norway and cross-cultural training in the Norwegian context. Topics covered in detail include history, politics, culture, Norwegian characteristics, safety, and transportation. Participants take a tour of Stavanger learning about all the most practical places in their daily life. Also included in the class are maps, regional brochures, and the SCI Information Guide (containing extensive information about the Stavanger region). Classes are small and give the opportunity for participants to ask individual questions.

Upcoming dates:

Sep 28th at 08.30-15.30

Oct 8th at 08.30-15.30

Oct 21st at 08.30-15.30

Nov 4th at 08.30-15,30

Nov 18th at 08.30-15.30

Cancellation Policy 
Within 5 business days - 100% return
Within 2 business days - 50% return
Notification of less than 2 business days will automatically result in paying the full price. We thank you in advance for your cooperation.


Moving Abroad Program
Stavanger Chamber International offers a full day country orientation for families moving abroad.

We understand the magnitude of such a move and the impact it will have on both an individual level and for families. This is why we have established the Moving Abroad - Country Orientation Program to help you and your family to prepare for all eventualities at your new destination. We will have the required information to help you prepare regardless which country you are moving to. The Moving Abroad- Country Orientation Program covers topics such as culture, lifestyle, health care, safety, transport, politics, history and geography. We tailor the information to your exact needs and specifications. Lunch is included.


Global Management Program
Successful Global Management - Leading a team in Norway is a must for people moving to Norway in a management capacity.

This course covers Norwegian workplace culture and management style in a Norwegian context. Although seemingly similar to other western work environments, managing Norwegians is altoghether different due to a set of unspoken rules and priorities. Being introduced to these differences early in the assignment is of great benefit to company, manager and employees. it minimizes the risk of frustrations and misunderstandings on all levels.


To sign up or for more information about our programs: Call 51 51 08 80 or e-mail



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