Chamber services

Stavanger Chamber of Commerce offers different types of services. 

The Stavanger Chamber of Commerce issues ATA Carnets - or duty documents. An ATA Carnet provides customs and toll access for temporary importation to other countries.

An ATA carnet is an international customs document that allows for a temporary duty-free importation of a variety of goods in 68 countries. The Carnet replaces other export, import and transit documents. An ATA Carnet simplifies procedures of border crossing and users and are not charged for duties and taxes, making it a very useful component for international businesses. It can be applied for trade fair visits, participation in exhibitions, demonstrations of samples, use of professional equipment and sports equipment, etc. The Oslo Chamber of Commerce is the guarantor institution for ATA-Carnet Norway.

The process and benefits of the carnet:
• By using the ATA carnet, you avoid the temporary customs clearance of goods.
• You are exempt from filling out export documents in the exporting country.
• You are exempt from from filling out customs documents on a national form before entry into foreign countries.
• There is no deposit on duties and taxes.
• Processing time is relatively short.
• Carnet is usually treated quickly in red customs zone.

An ATA carnet is valid for a maximum of one year. Within this year you can make as many trips you would like with all or part of the items listed in the ATA Carnet.
Fees for the insurance of ATA Carnets are divided into three groups after the last value. Firstly, carnets require a basic fee. If the value exceeds NOK 1,000,000, individual agreements must be arranged. In addition to the fee, a deposit of NOK 3.930 for each carnet is required. The deposit is refunded afterwards to the carnet holder, as long as the carnet is used in accordance with the rules. Private persons must also put up a guaranteed amount of 30% of the item value .
Members of the Stavanger Chamber of Commerce are discounted on the issue of ATA Carnet.


Certificates of Origin
A number of importing countries require certification of export documents to their country via a Chamber of Commerce before the documents are seen as valid. The Stavanger Chamber of Commerce and Industry sign and certify such documents. We use for certification of export documents.

A formal undertaking is to be given by an applicant when first applying for Certificates or Origin or certification of international trade documents. The document must be signed by a signatory of the company. The formal undertaking must be renewed annually.

The most common documents required for certification from the Chamber of Commerce are :
• Certificate of Origin
• Invoice/pro forma Invoice
• Contracts, Agent Agreements and Declarations

Members of the Stavanger Chamber of Commerce receive a discount on the certification of all exporting documents.

Prices from January 1st 2022:
Certification of exporting documents for members: NOK 780,- per document.
Certification of exporting documents for non-members: NOK 1090,- per document.

Prices are excluesive of value added tax.


International network
Bilateral chambers of commerce and international trade offices in Norway can be useful partners in contact with other countries and international markets. Here is a summary:

Norwegian - Swedish Chamber of Commerce
Norwegian - German Chamber of Commerce
American - Norwegian Chamber of Commerce
French - Norwegian Chamber of Commerce
Spanish - Norwegian Chamber of Commerce
Brazilian - Norwegian Chamber of Commerce
Canadian - Norwegian Business Association
Norwegian - Russian Chamber of Commerce
Norwegian - Hong Kong Chamber of Commerce
Nordic - Colombiansk Chamber of Commerce
Norwegian - South African Chamber of Commerce
Norwegian - Icelandic Chamber of Commerce
Norway - India Chamber of Commerce
Norwegian - Korean Vennskapsforening
Norwegian - Israel Chamber of Commerce
Norwegian - Bosnian Chamber of Commerce
Norwegian - Irish Business Association
Norwegian - Polish Chamber of Commerce
Norwegian - Romanian Chamber of Commerce
Polish - Norwegian Chamber of Commerce



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