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Here you can find an overview of the webpages where all the events happening in the Stavanger region are posted! Go on, get busy exploring!
01.April 2024 Elianne Strøm Topstad

Region Stavanger
Region Stavanger is the official DMO (Destination Marketing Organisation) working to promote the Stavanger region. Region Stavanger is also responsible for running the Tourist Information offices in Stavanger and Sandnes. CHECH IT OUT

The Norwegian Trekking Association (in short DNT)
The Norwegian Trekking Association (in short DNT) is Norway's biggest outdoor activities organisation. For some 140 years, we've been working to promote trekking and to improve conditions for all who enjoy the country's broad range of outdoor attractions. CHECK IT OUT

Visit Norway
Norway is ranked as “The happiest country” in the world, on criteria as freedom, honesty, welfare, good health, and generosity. Take part in what makes us happy. CHECK IT OUT

Stavanger Museum
Stavanger Museum (MUST)  is a unique combination of museums that covers such a wide variety of disciplines as art, natural history, cultural history and maritime and industrial history. They also have their own childrens museum and lots of fun activities.

The Iron Age Farm
Visit the Iron Age Farm at Ullandhaug and experience life in the Late Iron Age. Sit around the open fire and hear stories about everyday life 1500 years ago. As the only one of its kind in Norway, the Iron Age Farm has been rebuilt on the original remains and ruins of a farm that dates back to the Migration Period, approximately 350 – 550 AD. CHECK IT OUT

Museum of Archaeology
Viking history at its best! Explore the prehistory at the Museum of Archaeology, you meet the past in new and modern exhibitions. CHECK IT OUT

Norwegian Petroleum Museum
Covering 5 000 square metres, the museum stands in the heart of Stavanger and incorporates exhibition space, cinema, restaurant, library, meeting rooms, workshops and offices. The museum is dedicated to the oil industry and its impact on the region and country's development. CHECK IT OUT.

Jærmuseet is the museum for the municipalities Randaberg, Sola, Sandnes, Gjesdal, Klepp, Time and Hå as well as the regional science center for Southwest Norway. Their mission is to document and tell the history of the region. Jærmuseet is a family of museums at 13 different locations across the Jæren region. The two largest museums are Vitenfabrikken (the Science Factory) in Sandnes and Vitengarden (the Science Farm) in Nærbø. CHECK IT OUT

Ryfylkemuseet is a cultural-historical museum founded in 1981, houses collections from Ryfylke, a region whose great variety of landscapes range from the islands in the west to the fjords and mountains in the east. Although the museum’s administration is at Sand in Suldal municipality, it also covers the municipalities of Sauda, Hjelmeland, Strand, Forsand, Finnøy, Rennesøy and Kvitsøy. CHECK IT OUT

Dalane Folkemuseum is the regional museum of Dalane, an area comprising the municipalities of Eigersund, Sokndal, Lund and Bjerkreim. The museum has rich and extensive collections, with facilities spread throughout Dalane. Dalane Folkemuseum was founded in 1910. CHECK IT OUT


Folken is one of Stavanger’s oldest, best and busiest live concert venues.

Tou Scene
Tou is an art arena, with more than 400 activities a year. Tou Scene is one of the country's largest independent cultural institutions. CHECK IT OUT

Stavanger Jazz Forum 
Stavanger Jazzforum was with the aim of promoting the environment for jazz and improvised music. Stavanger Jazzforum presents every year a number of the leading artists in international and national jazz. CHECK IT OUT

Stavanger Concert House 
The Stavanger Concert Hall is home to The Stavanger Symphony Orchestra (SSO), and hosts many different concerts a year. The concert Hall offers events in all types of genres; shows and musicals, classical ballet and modern dance. CHECK IT OUT

SF KINO Stavanger and Sandnes
The cinema in Stavanger is located in the same building as the library in Stavanger Kulturhus. The cinema in Sandnes is located in the city center, in the Amfi Vågen shopping mall. CHECK IT OUT

Rogaland Theatre
Rogaland Theatre hosts 10 -14 productions annually, presented on four different stages. They have a fantastic childrens theatre and also various activities through out the year.

BATS Theatre
BATS Theatre is an English-speaking, international amateur theatre group in Stavanger, Noway. It was founded in 1985 as a non-profit organization. BATS produces 2-4 shows each year. They are most known for their annual panto in the British style. BATS also perform other types of comedy and dramas, particularly original works from local play wrights. CHECK IT OUT

Sandnes culture house
Sandnes culture house are located in the heart of Sandnes. They offer many different activities such as concerts, musicals, theatre, conferences and stand up shows.  CHECK IT OUT

Sola culture house
Sola culture house offer many different activities such as concerts, musicals, theatre, conferences and stand up shows. The local library is loaded there as well. 


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