New National Restrictions
Stay home and keep social distance says Prime Minister, Erna Solberg.

New National Restrictions

The virus is spreading rapidly, and all counties now have outbreaks. The government is therefore introducing new national infection control measures.
05.November 2020 Elianne Strøm Topstad

Our Prime Minister, Erna Solberg, encourages everyone to stay at home and have as little social contact as possible.


Social contact

  • Stay at home as much as possible.
  • Limit social contact with other people.
  • No more than five guest’s addition to household members allowed at home. If all the guests are from the same household, the number can be increased. Two families can meet even if they have many children.  Note! The restriction does not apply to kindergarten or primary school cohorts.
  • Keep a distance from people in risk groups as you have not kept a distance of 1 meter from people. This applies to both young people and adults.

Private gatherings and events

  • No more than 20 people at private gatherings in public places and in rented premises.
  • Maximum 50 people at indoor events without fixed seats.
  • Maximum 200 people at indoors events with fixed seats.

>>The change will take effect at midnight, Sunday 8th November 2020.

Schools and education

  • All universities, colleges and vocational colleges must assess to what degree they can drop physical classes in the period ahead.
  • Secondary schools (Ungdomsskole) and upper secondary schools (videregående) must prepare for the fact that a "code red" will be initiated if infection rates rise further.


  • Avoid unnecessary domestic travel.
  • Business trips that are considered necessary and trips to leisure properties that can be carried out without contact with others are excluded.
  • All immigrants arriving in Norway must take a corona test immediately upon arrival. In addition, they must be quarantined for ten days. Private homes do not qualify as places to quarantine for those who come from countries with a high level of infection.
  • Visitors who do not have a residence permit in Norway, or an employer who can provide a suitable place to quarantine, must stay in quarantine at hotels. This also applies to family members who visit relatives in Norway.

Night life

  • Nationwide bar closure at 24.00.
  • Restaurants with liquor license may not be allowed to welcome new guests after 22.00.

>> Changes will take effect at midnight, Friday night 6th November.

Further restrictions imposed by the local government are likely to be introduced next week.

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