Stepping into Spring
Author: Ute Koninx,

Stepping into Spring

Finally, Spring is here! The month of May is very often sunny and dry and blessed with many public holidays. A clear invitation for you to go out and explore the fjords, beaches and mountains of Rogaland. Only on the high peaks and plateaus around Hunnedalen and Kjerag there is likely to be still too much snow for hiking. Otherwise you are good to go.
06.May 2024 Ute Koninx

Where to head out to then? Let’s pull a small list together for you to explore. The hikes are in no particular order, other than starting out with some gentler ones.


  1. Go and see the primroses around the coast. Around the headlands at the coast there will now be wildflowers in bloom. You can head to Tungenes fyr, walk the coast around Kvernevik or head to Rennesøy island for a walk around the Reianes peninsula.
  2. The Arboretum and Steinfjellet in the hills of Sandnes will treat you with flowering rhododendrons and great views. Bring a picnic to enjoy in the park, as the cafe seems currently closed (
  3. Starting from the parking area of Gramstad in Sandnes, you can scale various hills. My all time favourite here is Bjørndalsnuten. On Thursdays and Sundays the Gramstadtunet cafe opens between 12 noon and 3pm. It’s a great place to take guests to sample Norwegian waffles with a view.
  4. The area around Lutsivatnet offers many hikes, like Storaberget and Økjafjellet. A small detour on the Storaberget hike will lead to a great spot for swimming on a warm day, and Økjafjellet starts near the Alsvik natursenter, where you can easily settle for a day of outdoor fun.


Once you have gotten used to hiking again, try for the higher peaks. Here are a few ideas for longer days and lofty views.


  1. Preikestolen. Indeed! It will get very, very busy in the summer months. So pay a visit now to get your 2024 fix of that spectacular view. You will never get tired of that.
  2. For some serious cardio workout go up the Flørli steps, 4444 of them to be precise. Not advised if you struggle with vertigo and better to not bring small children. Choose a good-weather day and you will find this hike unforgettable.
  3. The views from Selvikstakken over the Lysefjord mouth are unrivalled, and very much a local favourite with no crowds. This hike is surprisingly strenuous and leads you along some serious marshy paths, so wear good hiking boots.
  4. If collecting peaks is your thing then head to Reinaknuten. It is 787moh, one of the highest peaks in the region. Since it is near the coast, you will be treated to superb vistas over the whole of Ryfylke!


Before heading out a little preparation will go a long way to keep things fun and safe. Make sure you know where you are going, that includes the start of your hike! Head to for information on trails and trailheads. The weather in  Rogaland is variable, so dressing in layers and bringing a rain jacket is always recommended. Take a backpack, bring water, a thermos and enough food and snacks, especially when hiking with children or teenagers. The underground is often cold or slightly wet, and taking along a small foldable sitting mat will add a lot of comfort for very little weight.


If you are not sure about heading out by yourself, you can join the Stavanger Chamber of Commerce walks. These are a great introduction into hiking if you haven’t done it much before. Even if you have some prior experience with hiking, head to the website of the Stavanger Tourist Forening or visit their premises at Olav V’s gate 18. They offer a great number of guided hikes for different age groups and capabilities. This would also be a fantastic way to practice your Norwegian, if you are learning the language. Finally, there is also a very active and friendly Facebook group that organises hikes. It is called ‘Hikes around Stavanger’. You can join by application to the administrator. They seem to go out most weekends in smaller or larger groups, to many destinations in Rogaland. A great way to make new hiking friends for sure.


In short - no excuse anymore. Time to dust off the boots from winter storage and go out. And of course for more inspiration, advice and information on day trips in the Stavanger region, see our book at:

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