For a dose of adrenaline, head over to the bear-themed amusement park Kongeparken. The park prides itself with Norway’s steepest drop jump, biggest merry-go-round, and longest bobsleigh track. Yee-haw!
26.May 2022 Elianne Strøm Topstad

In Kongeparken there is something for each and everyone in the family: Norway's biggest drop, challenges in zip lines, a fire station that creates heroes, and so much more! Welcome to discover a memorable adventure!

The Lund-family gave Kongeparken the theme of bears. Kongeparken is the only amusement park in the world that holds the theme of bears. In 1997 the bears Brumle and Brumleline moved into the park. The King and the Queen of Bears lives in the castle of Kongeparken. In the castle you'll find one of the biggest rides in the park – a roller coaster with spinning gondolas.

The park has a BearBotel where your teddybear can check in for a spa treatment, while you enjoy the park. Find more information about Kongeparken.

Visit http://www.kongeparken.no for more information about the opening hours, ticket prices and booking.

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