Activities when stuck at home
Playing a game is a perfect activity for passing time at home

Activities when stuck at home

We’re entering new territory as we begin this extended time at home that will include keeping up with school work, keeping everyone engaged and entertained. Here are some ideas for you to pass the time and keep yourself grounded.
01.April 2020 Elianne Strøm Topstad

Take a virtual class
While gathering in a classroom is not possible right now, thanks to the power of the internet, classes of all kinds are still available. Learning something new and thinking critically are great ways to prevent cabin fever.

Start a craft project
Find a small arts and crafts supply store in your area and purchase everything you'll need to create a masterpiece: think yarn and needles for knitting, needlepoint kits, or paints and canvases. If you can't go out, most shops have web shops.
Check out Stoff og Stil  and Kreaktiv Kvadrat for inspiration.

Indoor games
There are so many different options available  and Pinterest is your best friend right now! Think a basketball wall, balloon ping pong, golf or obstacle courses to name a few.

Puzzles & games
Another great way to put your brain to work is by doing a puzzle. Whether it's a traditional jigsaw or a book of Sudoku, puzzles are extremely stimulating, and fun for the whole family.

Bake or cook something special
Try out some new recipes and let the kids help.
Fra Hage til Mage and Iver og Evne has great tips for cooking with the kids.

Reading books
This is perfekt time to get some reading done. Most local bookshops have "click and collect" and several digital bookstores offers free trials for downloading e-books. Check out: Story Tell and e-bok.

Fresh air
If you are not sick, you are allowed to go out for a walk. Do it responsibly and go where there is plenty of space to keep good social distance. Also, the back yard can be lots of fun as well.

Grow a Plant
Grab some seeds from the store, find a lovely sunny spot in your garden and get planting! A wonderful opportunity for learning about science, responsibility and anticipation! Take a look around your kitchen, you can use the seeds from strawberries, avocados, berries, potatoes, and many other fruits and vegetables.

Racetrack in the garden
Get out that trusted masking tape and make a racetrack around your house. Create a mud bath, a stony road, a drive thru and a car wash.

Get outside into your back garden and set up those tents. What if it's raining? Camp indoors! A family film, snacks, jammies, a comfy spot, lay out those sleeping bags and tuck up for the night.

Good luck and stay (home) safe!

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