Establishing a freelance advertising agency
Melvær&Co has launched an agency consisting of freelance workers.

Establishing a freelance advertising agency

The project has been kept a secret for two years, but now Melvær&Co has launched an agency consisting of freelance workers.
02.October 2019 Elianne Strøm Topstad

The goal is to give the freelance worker's agency experience and stability while being flexible. The creative industry in our region is substantially dependant on other industry and economic conditions. These conditions affect the creative sector in this region far more than other regions, especially as so many companies in this region are tied to the oil and gas industry. They want to use this to their advantage.

– People like me who want to work freelance are everywhere. Internationally this is a more significant trend than here. We want to build a platform and work as an agency offering agency services to our customers, explains Michele Sværen, who is managing the project.
The agency has had a turnover of two million kroner annually for the past two years and has been a success. Now the initiators think it is time to venture out on their own.


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