Autum break!
In the fall the potatoes are harvested

Autum break!

Schools are closed this week due to the autumn break.
11.October 2021 Elianne Strøm Topstad

Potatoes constitute a vital part of Norwegian cuisine and culture. During fall, farmers harvest their crops, including tons and tons of potatoes. Most school children in Norway got a week off school to help collecting potatoes from the fields. Some farmers didn’t even have tractors, so a horse would walk the fields dragging a potato collector device. Potatoes would spring up from the ground, and children would rush to pick them up. 

The potato holiday slowly, but surely, changed name to the Autum holiday (høstferien). The Autum break is a great opportunity for many families to spend some time together. The days get shorter, the air crisper, the food richer, and the colours more dazzling - a perfect time for a city break. Usually many families take the opportunity to travel abroad, or visit the mountains.  

Here is a list of fun activities if you're in town:

Go hiking in your neighborhood 
There are many local hikes in Stavanger. Choose between one of the "Folkesti" just outside your door, or one of the 52 everyday walks. 

Store Stokkavatn is great for fishing. Check it out here.

Go swimming
Most swimming arenas are open through the Autum holiday.  Remember to make a resevervation before you go. Here is a list of swimming arenas in Stavanger.

Museums and library
With a library card, families can enter the museum at Muségaten 16, Stavanger Art Museum and Stavanger Maritime Museum for free during the autumn holiday. NB! Without a library card, ordinary prices apply at the museum. Get your card here.

Sørmarka Arena
Sørmarka Arena are open everyday during the Autum holiday. Try the ice rink, the climbing wall or perhaps curling?  Find the opening hours for public activities here.

Action at the youth clubs
Theres is no reason for the kids to stay inside. Check out the different clubs and activites here.

Oil museum
Johan Sverdrup oil field made with spaghetti??? Lot´s of fun for the kids at the oil museum.

Have a great week!!

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