Calls for more information in other languages
Elisabeth Saupstad, travel director in Region Stavanger.

Calls for more information in other languages

– As a region we are far from perfect when it comes to public communication in different languages, says Elisabeth Saupstad, travel director in Region Stavanger. She's not alone.
06.October 2019 Elianne Strøm Topstad

When one drives through the region or walks through the town centres, there's little to suggest that the region is prepared to welcome an increasing number of tourists as well as job seekers. At least when it comes to language. Opening hours, parking regulations, transport, shops and cultural opportunities - all in Norwegian and very little else. There are of course exceptions, like the port authority who has put up signs in English, but apart from that very little else.

It's not much better for people coming here for work, often bringing with them a family. The need for important information about the Norwegian school system, kindergartens, child welfare, transport, and other topics is massive. However, there is very little information available in different languages, according to a review of various websites Rosenkilden has visited.  This issue is something the region needs to do something about.


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