The fight against salmon lice continues
Steffen Klemetsen Jakobsen, Karoline Sjødal Olsen and Lars-Kristian Opstad

The fight against salmon lice continues

Two years ago a brainstorming session took place: the thinking behind this session was this…can we capture salmon lice before they attack the fish, thereby sparing both the fish and the environment from serious and possibly unnecessary stress and strain?
02.December 2019 Elianne Strøm Topstad

A company by the name of Blue Lice is now in the final phases of testing this possibility prior to commercializing the concept. The concept could even become a reality as early as next year.

A Process Engineer, a Project Manager and a student holding a Masters Degree in Marine Technology are seated around a table. Having completed their discussion, they are on the verge of an idea which could revolutionise the entire fish farming industry. They strongly believe that they have come up with a solution to keeping salmon lice down to a manageable level.

Their findings are based upon available research and natural factors. They have been met with serious scepticism, not only from researchers but also from the fish farming industry itself. Two years later, the story is very different. The test results look promising. The methodology speaks for itself.


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