Midsummer Eve Celebration
Midsummer's Eve bonfire is an old Norwegian tradition

Midsummer Eve Celebration

Norwegians celebrate the coming of summer on the 23rd of June every year on a day they call “Sankt Hans Aften” which directly translates to Saint John’s Eve, historically named to celebrate the birth of religious figure, John the Baptist.
10.June 2020 Elianne Strøm Topstad

Over the years, Sankt Hans Aften/Midsummer has been closely observed with the association to powerful forces of nature. In earlier days, medical herbs were thought to have the best effect if collected on the evening of midsummer and witches were burned over a bonfire with a purpose only to ward away evil spirits.

The Midsummer's Eve bonfire is one of the oldest known bonfire celebrations in Norway. Norway’s vast landscape makes the bonfire celebrations a scenic celebration along the coast.

This year's celebration will probably be somewhat limited du to the Covid-19 situation. Check your municipality or resident's association for updated info.


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