Outdoor activities for the family
Go camping in your own backyard

Outdoor activities for the family

There are still many things you can do outside. However, be sure to follow the latest mandates in your area as they evolve. Stick to doing outdoor activities alone or with members of your household. Avoid gathering in groups of more than five people, and remember to keep a distance of two meters. Here are six safe, and fun, activities to do with your kids:
17.April 2020 Elianne Strøm Topstad

1. Go geocaching
A gigantic outdoor treasure hunt with millions of prize-filled containers hidden around the region, geocaching is a fantastic way to get the family outside and teach kids about navigation. Get your info here: geocaching.com

2. Go camping
Camping is great fun. String up a hammock, put up a tent and “rough it" from the safety of your own backyard.

3. Go disc golfing
Frisbee golf is a nice family activity because it involves a lot of walking outside and anyone can learn how to do play pretty quickly. There are several courses scattered across the the region and you can find one easily with the help of Google.

3. Fly a kite.
If you don't already own a kite, making it can be as much fun as flying it.

4. Plant a Garden.
A garden is a great way to teach kids about growing their own food. Between the watering and weeding, a garden will keep them occupied all summer, and you get to eat the harvest. If you live in an apartment, your balcony and some flowerpots will do the trick as well.

5. Picnic
Plan a picnic in your garden, at your balcony or in a park nearby. Just remember the national ban on fires from April 15. to 15. September.

6. Go on a bike trip
The Stavanger-region has many great cycling routes. Find inspiration and a suitable route here. If your kids (and yourself) like a little bit of action you should definitely try out the pump track at Hundvåg.

Not to forget; hula-hoops, jumping ropes and a box of chalk never fails....


Enjoy the weekend!

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