News on Corona, Schools, Kindergartens and Sports

News on Corona, Schools, Kindergartens and Sports

15.April 2020 .
Hi again!

We hope you all have had a pleasant and peaceful Easter Holiday, even though the circumstances are special. 

The spread of the COVID 19- virus will remain a massive challenge for people and businesses for a long time. 

However, there are glimmers of sun on the horizon. 

The string of tough measures that were imposed by the Government a month ago, have proven to be effective. 

We have got the virus under control, and at The University Hospital of Stavanger, the number of patients infected by the virus has stabilized at a very low level.

There is still a lot of work to be done, but it is encouraging to see that the Government now is in a position to start lifting restrictions, little by little.

This means that:

  • Child day care-centres/Kindergartens will be re-opened from 20 April, and by 27 April at the latest.    
  • Primary school classes for years 1-4, and out-of-school care programmes will open from 27 April.
  • Secondary schools for second- and third year pupils who are following education programmes (vocational training), will be re-opened.
  • From the 20th April the ban on people staying at their holiday properties will be lifted. Hairdressers and other businesses where there is one-to-one contact will be allowed to resume operations 27th April provided that they follow the requirements for infection control measures.
  • Sports activities like football and tennis can be played outdoor on public grounds (providing it is carried out in groups of maximum five persons, that there is a two-meter distance between the players, and that your skin doesn´t touch the ball).  
Parents, children and staff should be confident that these institutions, businesses and sports grounds are re-opening in a responsible manner. In order to minimize the risk of serious illness, children who are at special risk, and children who live with family members who are in risk groups, will not be required to return to school. 

You will also find additional useful information and advice in English on how to handle virus situation on websites like and       

We will keep you updated regularly for the coming weeks!

Stay safe and take care!

Greetings from the SCI-team.
Inger-Tone, Randi, Elianne and Frode   

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