TV-aksjonen – a Norwegian phenomenon
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TV-aksjonen – a Norwegian phenomenon

We would like to invite you to take part in the annual Norwegian tradition; the NRK Telethon Sunday 22 October.
03.October 2023 Elianne Strøm Topstad

The NRK Telethon is the largest information campaign and fundraising event in Norway.  Every autumn this nationwide charity campaign raises money for a chosen cause. The NRK Telethon has run every year since 1974. NRK runs a live broadcast during the evening.

The event involves everyone from local communities to the Royal Family. The reason why we are able to collect so much year after year is the door-to-door fundraisers. When the door-to-door fundraisers ring the doorbell, people are reminded that the telethon is on, what the funds will be used for and that they have the opportunity to make a contribution. During the 2022 telethon, door-to-door fundraisers raised an incredible NOK 90 million during the two-hour walk.

The 2023 telethon
This year's event takes place on Sunday 22 October. The money raised this year will help children affected by war and conflict. The organization, Save the Children,  helps ensure that children and their caregivers receive the help they need. They help give children a safer childhood. Every sixth child in the world grows up in war and conflict and never before have there been as many displaced children as now. The money raised will therefore fund initiatives to make families, schools and local communities safer for children.

Together, we can provide more than 100,000 children with the opportunity to play, learn and live in peace:

  • Help children deal with painful experiences, as well as providing healthcare and appropriate nutrition
  • Reunite children and families that have been separated
  • Ensure safe journeys to and from school and safe classrooms where children can learn
  • Provide safe spaces for children in the local environment for play and laughter
  • The money raised will be distributed between projects in Ukraine, Syria, Bangladesh, South Sudan, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Norway. In Norway, we will help children who have fled from war and conflict.





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