Going against the grain
– It won´t be boring, says Alise Lea Tiller, the new editor in charge of Dalane Tidende.

Going against the grain

For outsiders, Alise Lea Tiller (29) appears to be quite an unconventional choice as the editor for a very conventional newspaper like Dalane Tidende. But then again, the new editor is not known for taking the most traditional options either.
10.February 2020 Elianne Strøm Topstad

Back in the day an editor of a local newspaper was preferably a middle-aged man, with suspenders and a long employment history. Not so anymore! Not only is Alise Lea Tiller young, but her background is from the communication industry, an industry most journalists love to hate. That said the media industry isn´t as predictable as it used to be.
– The traditional choice would have been to hire someone with more experience. However, in an ever-changing media industry, I think it is essential to employ young people in management positions, making it impossible to obtain ten years’ experience first, says Tiller.

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