Summer activities for children and youth

Summer activities for children and youth

This summer Fra Hage til Mage offers an exciting week for English speaking children and youth.
11.June 2020 .

Fra Hage til Mage is a food culture centre for children and youth. We want to influence them to pick the healthy and good choices in their diet. We also give them knowledge about gardening, wild herbs and reducing food waste by making the knowledge hands on. 

We will have different activities and always start with cooking, followed by all kind of fun and children friendly activities such as bathing trips, carving, play time and care for animals and garden.

Week 29

Week 31

There will always be something you bring home after the week; herbal oils, things we bake, woodwork and other we will make together. This event is suitable for children between 8-14 years.

If you have any questions, please contact Therese D. Thomassen either on e-mail og tel 92605885. 

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