Covid-19 UPDATE

Covid-19 UPDATE

Due to the infection rate in the region, the municipalities in Nord-Jæren have extended the local measures until 5. May.
28.April 2021 .

The local measures are now stricter than the national ones, due to the covid-19 infection rate in the region.

Stavanger continues red level of measures in all schools and kindergartens until  May 7th.

These are the most important rules and recommendations i Stavanger:

  • You should host no more than five guests in your own home. You are urged to meet people outdoors.
  • Your total number of contacts over the course of one week should not exceed 10 persons beyond necessary contacts in the line of work, household members and kindergarten/school cohorts.
  • Distancing of two metres should be maintained in encounters with others who are in risk categories, and in situations where the risk of infection is assumed to be greater (e.g. during high intensity physical activity, singing or shouting).
  • Everyone should avoid non-essential travel. Employees should only travel to their workplace if it is necessary. Nevertheless, most people are subject to guidelines that stipulate they should work from home.
  • It is recommended that residents in the municipality subject to these measures use local shopping centres/department stores.
  • Residents within a municipality subject to measures may travel to a second home or leisure property, but only with people from their own household. Ensure that all purchase are made prior to departure from your own municipality. Do not visit stores, catering outlets or other places where many people may gather in the municipality that you visit. Maintain distancing from other people on the ski trail, the ski lift and when hiking. Check which advice and guidelines apply to the municipality you are visiting and adhere to them. Do not receive visitors.
  • Municipalities and county municipalities should impose enhanced measures on all forms of public transport. This may include measures such as limiting passenger numbers to 50 per cent of capacity on board.
  • Persons who are in high risk categories and face elevated risks of illness or death if they are infected with Covid-19 should ensure they exercise further caution.
  • One-to-one businesses, such as hairdressers, should introduce enhanced measures such as the use of face coverings in situations where it is not possible to maintain distancing of at least 1 metre. Alternatively, they should reduce or temporarily suspend services that involve close face-to-face contact.

Testing and contact tracing of close contact and household members:

  • Persons who are in quarantine having been instructed to do so by contact tracing should take a test on day 7-10 of their quarantine period.
  • Close contacts who are linked to an outbreak of the mutated coronavirus must take a PCR test both when they begin their quarantine period (immediately after being defined as a close contact) and at the end of their quarantine period (no sooner than day 7).
  • Members in the same household as close contacts should quarantine until the initial PCR test has been taken and a result received for the close contact. This applies in relation to the outbreak of the English strain of Covid-19.


See Stavanger kommune for further information about the corona virus HERE.


Take care and stay safe!

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