A new form of everyday life
Jens Aarup believes that workalike the way we used to know it is unlikely to return.

A new form of everyday life

Companies, management and employees alike need to prepare for a new type of everyday life which is different from what used to be considered “the norm”, according to Jens Aarup, who works in leadership and organizational development.
08.August 2020 .

A gradual reopening of Europe over the past few weeks has led to an increase in infection rates in several countries. Optimism has waned and uncertainty is mounting – also in Norway.

Following three spring months of extraordinary circumstances and a subsequently very different summer and school holiday period, companies, management and employees are now preparing themselves for an autumn and for a future of unknown quantities. Many find themselves longing for a return to “normality” – also in the business sector. Common sense, however, indicates that the way in which we used to work is unlikely to return, says Aarup.

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