May 17th. is the Norwegian Constitution Day and it is litteraly one of the happiest day in Norway.
11.May 2022 Elianne Strøm Topstad

17th. of May is a national holiday in Norway and it’s the most celebrated day of the year!

The Constitution Day marks the signing of the Norwegian Constitution at Eidsvoll on May 17,1814, declaring Norway to be an independent kingdom. A major event for Norwegians around the world, each year, it is a positive, festive occasion, with children’s parades with marching bands, speeches, brunches, barbecues, and other gatherings. Children especially look forward to this day, as they can usually eat their fill of ice cream and hot dogs.

Norwegian Constitution Day is a very colorful event. In addition to the countless Norwegian flags on display, many people will dress in their traditional costumes, called bunad. There are many different types, depending on which region a family hails from.

Another Norwegian phenomenon that is visible this day is the Russ. You may have already seen the red and blue dressed young people in recent weeks? The word Russ is unique to Norway and there is no English translation for it! It’s a tradition in Norway where all secondary school graduates get to celebrate the end of their last year of compulsory education. May 17 is their last day as Russ, and they have their own parade, Russtoget. 


Check out your municipality's website for more information about the May 17th celebration. 

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