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Program in progress (TBA in August)

TECH-NIGHT is an informal meeting place for everyone who's psyched about technology in all it's glory! This will be a melting pot across academia, business and public sector. Everyone is welcome to join the discussion!

For more information, please contact Maria Mår Johansen


Three to four evenings per year, preferably as company visits to help the community become familiar with the region's broad expertise in technology. The concept will consist of short introductions from academia and two to three companies within a subject area or dilemma, and an open discussion about the possibilities within the current topic, followed by networking. The events should be informal and a unique arena to make connections across age, experience and disciplines. The common interest being TECHNOLOGY!

Please enroll with company details (either company email or a private e-mail pluss company details), it's highly important for us to be able to register who attends our events. This leaves you with a more updated attendee list - giving you maximum gain from both our events and networking. Hope to see you!


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