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The benefit of working internationally is that you are exposed to multi-cultural settings, and work with professionals from different backgrounds and cultures!

That is engaging, and potentially added value to our business, but can be challenging too. Our values are different, our perspectives are different, the prioritisation criteria will vary. The meaning of words may be totally different. If I say ‘urgent’, or a value-based term like ‘trust’; the content of the terms may vary enormously across cultures; not only international cultures, but across companies and industries.

When you work in a cross-cultural team; in an ideal world we should know about e.g. France, Germany, India or wherever people originally come from. But that would be an impossible task. We must master cross-cultural communication, and there are some tools that are generic across cultures.

Moving to a country: it helps understanding the culture compared to yours. It is not “when in Rome do as the Romans”, it is “when in Rome understand the Romans, and adapt where it makes sense”.

Our key note speaker is Endre L. Lovas of PeoplewithE to guide us through an interactive session on cross-culture communication. You will get an insight into Norwegian culture, but even more on skills to bridge cultural differences.

Any questions for the event can be directed to: Inger Tone Ødegård

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