What is reality, are we willing and capable to cap the potential of offshore wind? The backdrop is the recently released wind Europe report: our energy our future.

What is the potensial of wind-power? How can offshore wind enable Europe to become carbon neutral? Can Norway take an active role in this, and how can we make a difference?

During this conference in Stavanger we will dig deeper into the potentials of offshore wind and how it can enable Europe to become carbon neutral in the future. What will Norway's role in this be, and how we can make a difference?

The objectives of the conference are to share knowledge and information about offshore wind as:

  • An opportunity to reduce emissions
  • An opportunity to build new industrial value chains
  • Market and job opportunities for the industry
  • The challenges facing the industry
  • Discuss the political framework and test the political will to push forward

See the complete program, at this link.


"Market forecasts towards 2050 - Marius H. Rennesund, THEMA Consulting", Silje Finnskog Jensen


"Offshore wind in a macroeconomic perspective - Elisabeth Holvik, Sparebank 1", Silje Finnskog Jensen

Elisabeth Holvik stavanger.pptx

"Ecosystem challenges with offshore wind - Geir L. Taranger, Norwegian Institute of Marine Research", Silje Finnskog Jensen

Geir Lasse Taranger HighWind 2020.pptx

"Fisheries and Offshore Wind - Siri Meling, Norwegian Directorate of Fisheries", Silje Finnskog Jensen

Siri Meling HighWind2020.pptm

"Can we learn from our oil and gas history? - Turid Øygard, Norwegian Oil and Gas Association", Silje Finnskog Jensen

Turid ØygardHighWind2020.pptx

"Good business cases we have seen - Hugo Buis, Shell", Silje Finnskog Jensen

Hugo Buis Offshore wind2020.pptx

"Capital for offshore wind - Andreas Østern and Martin Huseby Karlsen, DNB", Silje Finnskog Jensen

DNBCapital to Offshore Wind.pdf

"Supply Chain perspective - Ben Bjørke, Siemens Gemma Renewables", Silje Finnskog Jensen

BenBjorkeHighwind .pptx

"Supply Chain perspective - Lars Henrik Hosøy, Aibel", Silje Finnskog Jensen


"Supply Chain perspective - John Stangeland, NorSea Group", Silje Finnskog Jensen


"Report: Recommendations for building a Norwegian value chain for offshore wind - Even J. A. Winje, Menon Economics", Silje Finnskog Jensen

Even Winje offshore wind.pptx

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