ECOSYSTEM for startups: From idea to business

It is a jungle out there! At this event we will share useful information about different types of people and organizations who can help you develop your idea. Getting the right advice can be the difference between success and failure.

ECOSYSTEM is a series of events for those interested in investing your time in entrepreneurship and development. The concept will consist of four events each year - with the intent of guiding you closer to your entrepreneurial goal! This is ia a unique opportunity to establish new connections, expanding your network, and joining a creative process. 

In this session, you will meet actors who work as inspirers and mentors for startups and business development. In addition, we have invited a company that has succeeded well and quickly in the market. They will share their best tips. In addition, you will receive specific tips on how to make a good sales pitch!

Please join us for this informal session, including meeting a lot of new people with an entrepreneurial mindset.

Bjørn Hovdenakk from MyKit
Anton Ræder, Startup Weekend Stavanger/ Tech Stars
Stig Ole Sunde from Skape.no
Hilde Gardlid from Valide
Natalia Ålgård from Innovation Norway


For more information, contact Maria Mår Johansen


Upcoming events:

👉 September 19th: Business plan, finances and budget.
👉 November 21st: Scale ups, funding and growth.

Please enroll with company details (either company email or a private e-mail pluss company details), it's highly important for us to be able to register who attends our events. This leaves you with a more updated attendee list - giving you maximum gain from both our events and networking. Hope to see you! 



18:30 Registration and networking

18:45 Welcome remarks by Stavanger Chamber of Commerce.

18:55 My story; from idea to business, by Bjørn Hovdenakk, Founder, MyKit.

19.10 Step 1: Inspiration, by Anton Ræder, Startup Weekend Stavanger

19:20 Step 2: Professional advice to get started, by Stig Ole Sunde, Skape.no

19:30 Step 3: Accelerating, by Hilde Garlid, Validé.

19:40 Step 4: Growth, finance, export, by Natalia Ålgård, Innovation Norway.

19.50 Break and exchange of experience, by all.

20:10 Making an investor pitch, by Dagfinn Wåge, Valide AS.

20:30 Pitch your idea to your new startup mates, by all.

21:00 Closing.


MYKIT: From idea to business, Bjørn Hovdenakk

Nexim AS - Stvg Næringsforening - 16.03.23.pptx

Step 1: Get inspired! Startup Weekend Stavanger, Anton Ræder

StartupWeekend - Anton Ræder.pptx

Step 2: Skape.no, Stig Ole Sunde

SKAPE Startup advice 160323.pptx

Step 3: Accelrating: Validé, Hilde Garlid

Validé.ECOsystem for startups.160323.pptx

Step 4: Growth: Innovation Norway, Natalia Ålgård

Innovation Norway 160323.pptx

Making an investor pitch, Dagfinn Wåge

Valide - Pitchen - kort versjon.pdf

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