TV-aksjonen – a Norwegian phenomenon
The fight against ocean plastic pollution

TV-aksjonen – a Norwegian phenomenon

The NRK Telethon is the largest information campaign and fundraising event in Norway. Every autumn this nationwide charity campaign raises money for a chosen cause. The NRK Telethon has run every year since 1974. This year’s Telethon is happening on Sunday - 18th of October.
16.October 2020 Elianne Strøm Topstad

The NRK Telethon is granted to a different Norwegian organization every year. An independent board of representatives selects the winner based on submitted applications from organizations. The NRK Telethon typically raises between 180 and 240 million NOK, and the organizations are given a timeframe of five years to implement their proposed projects.

NRK Telethon 2020
Ocean plastic pollution is a fast growing problem. Every year, more than eight million tons of plastic enter our oceans. The plastic pollution is a threat to human health, wildlife and the planet. Most of the plastic is washed into the ocean by rivers in Asia with a high population living in the surrounding region – and with little or no waste management systems.

TV-aksjonen 2020 will tackle plastic pollution at the source by establishing and improving waste management systems for more than 900 000 people living in Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and The Philippines. We will work in collaboration with local communities, authorities and businesses, with the aim of collecting and recycling plastic waste and reducing unnecessary single-use plastics, to prevent it from entering the ocean. The overall goal is to reduce plastic waste emissions and protect our oceans. Join us!

The largest fundraising and information campaign in Norway
The NRK Telethon is the largest information campaign and fundraising event in Norway. It involves everyone from local communities to the Royal Family. On the day of the Telethon, NRK (Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation) broadcasts a six-hour long TV-show reporting from the chosen countries and projects in the field.

They also broadcast live from the many fundraising activities happening across the country. A live auction takes place in the TV studio and various musicians and artists dedicated to the cause, perform on stage. While money from the door-to door fundraisers is counted, viewers can in real-time check how their county is doing compared to others. This friendly competition is one of many elements making the NRK Telethon a unique national tradition.

Celebrities and spokespersons are also invited to feature in the world’s longest radio show hosted by P3, Norway’s biggest radio channel for youth and young adults. The program is 100 hours long and raised 10. 8 million NOK in 2019.

Normally thousands of volunteers go door-to-door. This year, due to the corona virus, the campaign is digital. You might have seen it on social media.

Check out for information on how you can contribute.


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