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Cycling is a quick and convenient way to travel around the city, as well as getting exercise. Welcome to this webinar where cycle training and maintenance is on the agenda.

In these very extraordinary times it´s nice to have a little break and to think about something other than CORONA. Something uplifting and something that is beneficial not only for mind but also for body. Something that is going to get you out into fresh air, and perhaps something you´ve never tried before.

This webinar might give you a new favorite thing to do! Whether you´re an experienced cyclist or new to the game, this will beneficial. Lots of good tips and tricks.

Our instructors are Gunn Rita Dahle,  World Champion Cross-country cyclist  with 19 gold medals, and now working as Project Manager at Trygg Trafikk, and Helmer Berre, Cyclist and mobility advisor at Rogaland County.  They will  together cover many useful advice about cycling in general, motivating as many as possible to seize new opportunities, as well as having fun. Getting fit is a bonus.

- How to get startet. Basic equipment for safety and comfort

- How to behave in traffic. Basic rules and tips to keep on friendly terms with cars and walkers

- How to plan for a ride. Whether it is a commute, for leisure or for exercise ,  where do I find information on bike paths and trips.

 - How to take care of my bicycle. Safety check, cleaning and keeping it in good condition.


For more information, please contact Inger Tone Ødegård


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19.00 Cycle training and maintenance course, by Gunn Rita Dahle Flesjå, Trygg Trafikk, and Helmer Berre, Rogaland Fylkeskommune.


Gunn Rita Dahle Flesjå

Professional mountain biker since 1995.  Gunn Rita finished her sporting career after the World Championship in 2018, after a season where she became European champion, won a world cup and won a bronze medal in the world championship. She still works as a global ambassador for bike producer     Merida. The only races she joins today are marathon races purely for fun and exercise. 

For the past year Gunn-Rita and her husband Kenneth Flesjå  have been employed  as been cycle co-ordinators by Sandnes municipality.  She will soon taking on a new role  as project manager at  Trygg Trafikk Rogaland, where her main responsibility will be to co-ordinate cycle training at all primary schools in Rogaland. 


- Olympic Champion, gold medal Athens 2004
- 10x World Champion
- 9x European Champion
- 30 WCO wins


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