Cross-country skiing for beginners

The event is fully booked
Learn the basics of how to ski, how to go uphill, downhill and most importantly how to fall softly and having fun in the snow!

Target group for this class is adults. We have rental skies, boots and poles available  NOK 150.- pr person. (VIPPS number will come). 

If you enjoy cross-country skiing, you might very well invest in your own skiing gear, and be able to do  cross-country skiing in various locations. Perhaps a few private lessons will take you to the next level. Our goal is to introduce newcomers to a traditional winter sport and enjoy being outdoors.  As yet, the ski bus to Sirdal has not started it's scheduled trips due to Covid-19. Carpooling with your friends and colleagues is therefore the only option at the moment .  We hope for a ski bus from March 1st,  and will keep you informed.

Destination: FRIKVARTERET  at Ådneram, address Sirdalsveien 8853. FRIKVARTERET is kindly allowing us to use their restroom facilities and  changing rooms.

Weather: We will follow the weather on YR and give some extra advice on how to dress two days prior to the skiing event. Sometimes Hunnedalen is closed due to wind etc. We will keep the group informed! 

Number of participants:  20 (due to Covid-19 regulations)

Please sign up by name, email address, phone number and company name. 

All attendees will receive a separate email including all the practical details (outfit, food, drinks, advice) and program two days ahead of the event.

For more information, please contact Inger Tone Ødegård.


07.20 Meet at Byterminalen, Spor 6 (Stavanger)

07.30 Bus departure from Stavanger.

10.00 Bus arrival at Ådneram.

10.15 Dressing up, inkl. skiing equipment.

10.45 Skiing lesson start; balance and flat terrain, by Pål Berntsen and Inger Tone Ødegård.

12.15 Lunch (indoors at Frikvarteret).

13.15 Skiing part two, uphill and breaking.

15.00 Returning to Frikvarteret. Return of equipment.

15.20 Getting ready for departure.

15.30 Bus departure from Ådneram skiing resort.

18.00 Arrival Byterminalen, Spor 6, Stavanger.

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