Pension rights in Norway

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Do you know your pension rights in Norway?

At this webinar Helen Christensen from EY will speak about the Norwegian pension system, and how you might be able to benefit from the Norwegian program.

Christensen will walk you through the regulations for public pension, and how foreign employees establish rights in the public pension program, and how the company in Norway might also have a pension saving plan in place for their foreign employees. This seminar also addresses non-Norwegian employees with limited working periods in Norway and explains how their limited stay might affect their pension.

We will use practical examples to highlight important factors in the pension calculation. After this seminar you will be able to understand your pension rights, how to claim them, and which forms you need to complete etc.

Some of the topics discussed:

  • Is Norway the best country for me to retire?
  • What pension rights do I have and how can I claim them?
  • What happens to my pension if I have been working in two or more countries?

If you want to “play” with your pension before the webinar, you can use this link to “minpensjon” and see if you are able to calculate your Norwegian pension. http://www.minpensjon.no/

For more information, Inger Tone Ødegård.



18.30 Registration and coffee.

18.45 Welcome by Stavanger Chamber of Commerce, by Inger Tone Ødegård.

18.50 Pension, regulations and rights, by Helen Christensen, Partner and lawyer, EY Tax and Law.

19.30 Break and networking.

19.50 Pension, TBC.

20.45 Q & A.

21:00 Closing.


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