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Generations talk a lot about each other and express expectations, but less often do they actually talk to each other. ONS and Stavnger Chamber of Commerce want to challenge this.

There are just a few elementary forces that hold our world together. The one that’s the glue of society is called trust. Trust is the building block for any relationship without which the foundation will always remain shaky. Human progress has always relied on co-operation between people. Over the last years we have seen great changes in the way we work and interact.

Stavanger Chamber of Commerce and ONS invites you to a digital meeting with the ambition of forming an arena for dialogue where young voices and more experienced actors in Stavanger’s livelihood can come together. 

In many areas of society, gaps between generations are a challenge that can interfere with constructive progress. One of these areas is energy. The climate challenges are rightly engaging and how to balance energy security and this crisis is one of the most important issues for humanity in the future. During this talk, we will look at values of the youth and compare it to what future work will look like.


Please contact Hanne Hernes, Næringsforeningen, if you have any questions. 





19:00 Welcome by ONS and Stavanger Chamber of Commerce

19:05 Introduction of the theme Trust Hanne Hernes and Mille Marie Isaksen

19:10 Introducing the participants Hanne Hernes and Mille Marie Isaksen

19:15 Discussing values and trust

19:40 Discussing the future of work

20:00 Q & A

20:10 Closing Hanne Hernes and Mille Marie Isaksen


Jan Narvestad

Jan Narvestad is the managing Director at Rosenberg Worley.

Naomi Gumaer

Naomi Gumaer is the founder and president of Mauka Makai Student Organization. She is engaged in the environment and sustainability, and has actively worked with aid. Naomi represents the students and the young generation

Benedicte Middelthon

Benedicte Middelthon has a MSc in Economics and is a market advisor for Corporate Banking Rogaland/Agder in DNB. She is one of the ONS Young Committee members

Marianne Chesak

Marianne Chesak is the County Major in Rogaland and represents the public sector and the experienced actors.

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