Hidden challenges of communication

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Do you ever feel like you are misunderstood? Or is it sometimes hard to say what you want at work or with people around you? If your answer to either of these questions is yes, this event is for you.

In a short seminar, long-time language teacher and translator, Amin Ghaffari will be talking about where to look for the hidden challenges of communication and how to exchange information more effectively across cultures.

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18.15 Welcome

18.20 Misunderstood:Hidden challenges of communication Amin Ghaffari

19.00 Q&A


Amin Ghaffari

Amin Ghaffari is a language professional who has delivered a combined twenty thousand hours of language lessons, life coaching, and other services including translation, editing, and multimedia content production. He is passionate about promoting dialogue and communication and a firm believer that these are the fuel of true development for the individual as well as society.

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