How to maintain a traditional Norwegian house

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Join us for an informal event in Inger Tones back yard to learn some tips and tricks on how to maintain a traditional Norwegian home!

Maintaining your home in Norway seems simple enough, right? Well, it’s probably not as simple as you think, especially when it comes to maintaining the exterior of a house, apartment or townhouse (sometimes also called a semi-detached property) in various weather conditions.

Inger Tone and her family will share some very useful practical information based on years of experience. You will of course be able to get lots of useful tips at a hard ward store or online, however it feels a little different when testing the tools or climbing a ladder getting ready to clean out your gutter. If you are in the market for a new house or have just moved in, this is a must. Then you are prepared and know what needs to be done! 

- The process of painting a house and wooden deck (scraping, cleaning and painting).
- Cleaning of roof gutters, downpipes and roof.
- What are the weak spots needing extra attention? (windows, doors, chimney).
- Good practice and regulations in common areas/ neighbors.
- Gardering (incl. regulations for hedges).
- Tips & ideas.

Outfit: Please wear a warm outfit for outdoor use


For more information, please contact Tone Haddeland

This event is free of charge! Please enroll with your company or university e-mail if you have one. Networking is a highly important part of the events hosted here at Stavanger Chamber of Commerce, an updated attendee list with company details leaves you with maximum gain from our events. Hope to see you! 


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