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The most important step to landing a job is being prepared for your interviews.

By doing some preparation you'll feel more in control, and will appear cool, calm and collected as a result to your prospective employers – qualities always looked for in the perfect candidate.

At this event you will gain information about job searching, where to start, interview techniques and interview preparations. The target group for this seminar is unemployed people.

Our key-note speaker is Eva Kanic-Pieterse, Founder and CEO Virtual. She will address:

  • Job search is a job itself.
  • Where to start? Useful links, structure, follow ups.
  • Language.
  • Interview: dress code, body language, preparations.
  • Social Media.


For more information, please contact Inger Tone Ødegård

We will forward an e-mail including more practicalities upon the event.

Due to COVID-19 regulations, capacity is strictly limited and we need a participant list for all events, incl. phone number.   If you have a company/ University  e-mail address, please use your formal e-mail. Only one person per e-mail. 

It is important that you are familiar with our routines before you arrive to one of our events.COVID-19 ROUTINES HERE.




09.00 Registration and coffee.

09.15 Welcome by Stavanger Chamber of Commerce.

09.25 Job search is a job itself, by Eva Kanic-Pieterse, founder and CEO Virtuala.

14.15 Q & A and networking, by all.

14.45 Closing.


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