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Business pioneers who take a lead! To all you budding entrepreneurs out there - this is your chance to be inspired, meet new people and come up with new ideas! Join us for this unique English version of Pioner 2022.

This region has a variety of great entrepreneurial arenas, such as Innovation Dock, Ipark, NEST, Grunderhub, FOMO and others. We aim to gather pioneers from all sectors and create maximum inspiration for 2022.

FOMO Works in Forus has an environment conducive to inspirational ideas and concepts. The speakers will excite you from the balconies above the participant section, and there will plenty of opportunity to engage in discussions and exchange ideas.   

The companies presenting their ideas all have one thing in common, they could all make a huge difference regarding sustainable development in addition to creating new  employment opportunities.  

As many of you will be arriving straight from work we will start with a bite to eat.


a) TBA 

b) TBA



17.00 Registration and meal

17.45 Welcome, by Stavanger Chamber of Commerce

17.50 Welcome to FOMO Works, by Magnus Meisal

18.05 What does the world need right now, and how can our business make a huge difference?

  • Desert Control, by xxxxxxx (20)
  • Heimdall Power, by Brage Johansen, CEO (20)
  • How could you become a Pioneer? (15) TBA

19.00 Open discussion, sharing experiences and network.

19.30  Visiting FOMO facilities.

20.00 Closing.                          


Deductible, NOK 250.- to cover the meal. A warm Thank you to Sparebanken Vest for sponsoring this event.


For more information, please contact Inger Tone Ødegård


This event is a part of our ENTREPRENEUR 2022 series. We will focus especially on companies working on green growth and sustainable development. The main concept is to invest time together across industry sectors, research and the student body, making sure everyone is involved and able to deliberate over future opportunities and business. 


Please use you company/ University e-mail address if you have one (then your company name will be visible on the participant list) Networking is always in important part of events at Stavanger Chamber of Commerce.  We will forward a note including a participant list the da upon this event.


It should be safe to visit us! The Chamber follows all infection control advice from the National Institute of Public Health and local authorities.


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