Entrepreneur 2022: How to Start a new Business

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DIGITAL CONFERENCE: Starting a new business? Learn where to begin and how to achieve success. Welcome to meet the start-up environment in the Stavanger-region, sharing their best advice and network to get started.

ENTREPRENEUR 2022 will focus especially on companies and ideas working on green growth and sustainable development. The main concept is to invest time together across industry sectors, research and the student body, making sure everyone is involved and able to deliberate over future opportunities and business. 

Growth is very important at all levels, and sustainable development is a driver in most companies, communities and countries. The Stavanger-region has an entrepreneurial mindset, not only within energy, but also technology, the food industry and others.

In this seminar we will talk about marked research, business plans, business models, building a new brand and much more.  Please join us to meet: 

Claudine Ang and Gabriela Roth from Startup Weekend  (aspiring entrepreneurs to experience startup life), Marita Kongsgård from Skape.no . Skape is Centre of Entrepreneurship in Rogaland, and Bjørn Ragnar Bastiansen from Melvær & Co, who will share useful tips about branding your business.

We promise this seminar will be a well invested time to learn more about creating a business and not at least be able to discuss interesting topics with other energetic people.


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For more information, please contact Inger Tone Ødegård

This event is free of charge, but you have to enroll. Please use you company/ University e-mail address if you have one (then your company name will be visible on the participant list) Networking is always in important part of events at Stavanger Chamber of Commerce.




19.00 Welcome, by Inger Tone Ødegård, Stavanger Chamber of Commerce.

19.05 Why Startup Weekend? by Claudine Ang and Gabriela Roth, Stavanger Startup Weekend.

19.20 Got a business idea? What next? by Marita Kongsgård, Advisor, Skape.no

19.40 Branding a new business, by Bjørn Ragnar Bastiansen, Brand consultant, Melvær & Co

20.05 Open discussion, by all.

20.15 Closing.


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