Entrepreneur 2021: Marketing and sales from an entrepreneur’s perspective

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WEBINAR: Strategic approach to marketing and sales is a prerequisite for succeeding as an entrepreneur. Despite this, most founders choose to place too much emphasis on the product or service in the belief that a good product alone will create demand.

Sigurd Grayston Skjørestad currently runs the company Grayston AS, which advises companies in strategy and growth. He is a former director in Danske Bank and strategy consultant in Deloitte. Sigurd will share his thoughts and expertise related to creating growth.

The presentation will include :

  • What are the main growth strategies in business?
  • Why do businesses need a growth strategy?
  • Framework for growth (with examples from companies he has worked with)
  • Market development
  • Diversification

For more information, please contact  Inger Tone Ødegård.


This event is a part of our ENTREPRENEUR 2021 series. We will focus especially on companies working on green growth and sustainable development. The main concept is to invest time together across industry sectors, research and the student body, making sure everyone is involved and able to deliberate over future opportunities and business. 


18.30 Welcome by Stavanger Chamber of Commerce, by Inger Tone Ødegård.

18.32 Sales and Marketing for entrepreneurs, by Sigurd Grayston Skjørestad, Business developer, Grayston AS.


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