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The Stavanger-region has many innovative entrepreneurs. This evening is all about inspiration, creativity, quality and sustainability.

As much as 60% of all clothes become waste within a year of their production, and 40% of all produced clothes are not even sold nor used. By reusing, redesigning, renting or buying healthy materials that lasts, we contribute to circular fashion.

At this event we have invited local and national entrepreneurs and designers working in the fashion business on sustainable premisses:

ReLi:clothing rental. This is circular economy in practical daily life.
I Ull:produces gorgeous wool garments, 
Selbuvotten: produces hand knitted wool mittens, Lisbeth Nordby
ReTuren (Den norske turistforening), Turi Rudningen Galta


AA - please let us know if you have a product to tell about
BB -  "
CC - "


This will be a social and informative evening for anyone interested in art and design. Whether you are curious about being an entrepreneur, learning more about reuse or simply just seeing what is going on in the region. Your bonus is meeting many nice people in addition to our great speakers.

For more information, please contact Inger Tone Ødegård

This event is free of charge! Please enroll with your company or university e-mail if you have one. Networking is a highly important part of the events hosted here at Stavanger Chamber of Commerce, an updated attendee list with company details leaves you with maximum gain from our events. Hope to see you! 




18.30 Registration and networking.

18.45 Welcome, by Inger Tone Ødegård, Stavanger Chamber of Commerce.

18.50 Renting an outfit? From idea to business, by Rebecca Ribesen Sjølie og Lisa Haula Ribesen, Founders ReLi.

19.00 Driven by wool, energy and will, by Ingvild Kverneland, Founder, I Ull.

19.10 Selbuvotten - a famous legend, by Lisbeth Nordby, Selbuvotten.

19.20 Redesign is sustainable fashion, by Turi Rudningen Galta, ReTuren.

19.30 Lilleba

19.40 Designfloe

19.50 Company TBA

20.00 Individual discussions and inspiration with all.

21:00 Closing.


Turi Rudningen Galta

Turi Rudningen Galta is an architect who has always loved and worked with yarn and fabrics. Natural materials, resource utilization, textiles with a history and zero waste is her main interests. After being a participant in «The Great Norwegian Sewing Bee (Symesterskapet)» this fall, she aims at making a difference related to climate change and areal neutrality – by turning her sewing hobby into a livelihood. She wants to inspire to less consumption with @noys0m

Lisbeth Nordby

Kelly Trainer

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