COVID 19 Christmas Survival Guide

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There is no sugar-coating it. This year’s Christmas season is going to be unlike any other.

The festive season can often bring unwelcome guests — stress, worry and low mood. And it's no wonder really as we are often presented with a dizzying array of demands from cooking endless meals to buying gifts on a budget, and entertaining long forgotten distant relatives to name just a few. With the additional uncertainty of COVID-19 this holiday season is likely to be particularly stressful.

As the number of COVID-19 cases continues to rise and our worlds become smaller with the increasing restrictions, many people are shunning their usual holiday traditions to keep themselves and their loved ones safe. They are however now experiencing a different type of stress, replacing the hustle and bustle of having too much to do during the holiday season with uncertainty, isolation and the loss of routine and tradition. But with some practical tools you can minimise the stress that accompanies the holidays and learn to thrive and not just survive this years festivities.

Nicola McCaffrey and Victoria Ross has put together a COVID 19 Christmas Survival Guide for us. They will share their thoughts and advice, and will deliver a practical toolkit to support emotional and psychological wellbeing during a period of restricted freedom and travel.


Please contact Elianne Strøm Topstad, Stavanger Chamber of Commerce if you have any questions. 




19:00 Welcome, by Inger Tone Ødegård, Stavanger Chamber International

19:05 COVID 19 Christmas Survival Guide, by Nicola McCaffrey and Victoria Ross

20:25 Summary and Q & A.

20:30 Closing.


Nicola McCaffrey

Dr. Nicola McCaffrey is a Clinical Psychologist based in Stavanger, Norway. She offers psychological assessment and treatment for a wide range of emotional, behavioural and psychological difficulties. She currently works at Stavanger Psykologhus, a private clinic in Stavanger Sentrum. As well as offering therapy across the lifespan Dr. McCaffrey also offers specialised psychological care and consultation to expatriates living overseas. Moving to a new country and living abroad can be a remarkably rewarding experience. But it also provides a unique set of challenges. We can all feel overwhelmed at times, and the additional stresses of living abroad can make these issues more difficult to deal with. Issues that we might cope well with when living at home, surrounded by familiar faces and landscapes, become more pressing and difficult to manage when living overseas.



Victoria Ross

Dr. Victoria Ross is a Clinical Psychologist based in Stavanger, Norway. She offers online psychological services globally with particular focus on Norway & UK. Dr. Ross provides individual therapy as well as bespoke teaching and training packages. She works directly with people who have a wide range of psychological difficulties; from longstanding and complex to those seeking a space to explore and better develop themselves. Dr. Ross also has a specialist interest in the impact of psychological trauma and supporting women within the perinatal period. This period can involve huge adjustment across many domains of life including relationships, health and social; it is perhaps no surprise that stress and anxiety is particularly common at this time, especially when living away from family and friends.



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