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Nothing is impossible ! If you are new in town, or just interested in challenging yourselves, this evening will be a great networking opportunity, including many adventurous stories.

Moving to a new place can potentially mean many challenges.  Missing family and friends, building a new network, new hobbies, new language and so on.  This networking event is about making the most of all the new opportunities that arise and experience something unique.   Challenge yourselves!

Our keynote speakers are Øyvind Osjord and Whynde Kuehn.  

Øyvind Osjord is a 28 year economist from Norway, working at SAR. His challenge was rowing across the Atlantic sea with three friends.  Why?

Whynde Kuehn is from New York and moved to Stavanger in 2018.  She has been to all 7 continents and runs her own company helping organizations transform.   What's her recipe for approaching a journey and challenging herself?

For more information, please contact Inger Tone Ødegård


Due to COVID-19 regulations, capacity is strictly limited (48 participants) and we need a participant list for all events, incl. phone number.  If you have a company/ University  e-mail address, please use your formal e-mail. Only one person per e-mail.

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18:30 Registration and coffee.

18:45 Welcome to networking and new friendship, by Inger Tone Ødegård, Stavanger Chamber of Commerce.

19:00 Challenge yourselves, by Øyvind Osjord, adventurer....

19:40 Networking - face to face, by all.

20:10 Enjoying the journey, by Wynde Kuehn, Founder and Managing Director, S2E Transformation Inc.

20:40 Summary and networking, by all.

21:00 Closing.


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