The importance of a Business Board

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A solid Business Board could improve your business on many levels.

If you established a "Aksjeselskap", then you need a Business Board. This evening will be a combination of the importance of the Board, laws and regulations, but also some take aways about where you could find future Board members and an efficient work flow between the CEO and the Board.

We will try to answer questions as:
- Where do I find business people interested in my business?
- Aksjeloven (law and regulations).
- Strategy (do I really want strangers discussion my business, and make decisions?
- How should I pay or share stocks with my board members?
- Role of clarification between owner, CEO and the board?

Stavanger Chamber of Commerce in cooperation with FORMUE, just released a new Styreportal (web search to people who are interested in Board positions).  Hopefully very useful for you to do some research for possible contacts for your board too. advice,

For more information, please contact Inger Tone Ødegård


This event is free of charge.Please enroll with your name and company (use your business e-mail). We will forward a participant list before the event, and networking with other companies might be a useful asset in addition to board responsibilities. 

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