Walk and talk HUNDVÅG

This is a wonderful way to meet new people as well as getting fresh air and excersise in a very safe outdoor setting.

We all need some social interaction with others, particularly when so many of us are working from home. Join us for Walk and Talk in the weekends!

We´ll meet up at various locations around the region, all of them easily accessible by bus or car.  Whether a small or large group  we´ll walk together in clusters of two or three people. Maybe some of you turn out to live close to each other and can continue to agree on a common time to continue your own activities and friendship. The goal is: a starting point to new friendships!

We will walk and talk, no matter the weather. We live up to the motto: there is no bad weather, only bad clothing. Dress in warm clothes that can withstand rain, and a small backpack with some dry clothes, some drinks and other energy you may need.

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For more information, please contact Inger Tone Ødegård



Sunday 29. November, 13:00

Saturday 5. December, 13:00

Sunday 6. December, 13:00

Saturday 2. January, 13:00

COVID -19: We´re all interested in preventing the spread of the virus, whilst at the same time reliant on society to function with a sense of normalcy.  We strive for our meeting venues to be as safe as possible, meaning everyone has to follow guidelines from the Norwegian Institute of Public Health, in addition to our own measures. Make sure you read our safety routines before you arrive. 



12.45 Meeting at the P-lot between the bus stop and Hålands Gartneri.

13.00 Walk and Talk! Fresh air and new friendship.

15.00 Back at the P-lot, and individual appointments.

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