Along the coast: Revheim - Kvernevik

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Join ut on a wonderful hike along the coast of Hafrsfjord.

This evening we will start at Revheim, and follow the trail along the coast ending up at the Alexander Kielland Monument at Kvernevik. The hike is about 8 kilometer at an easy level with flat terrain, perfect contains for a good conversation!


18:25 You are early, very smart!

18:30 Meet up at Revheim skole, Revheimsveien 128, 4043 Hafrsfjord (Bus #2 or 3 from Stavanger)

18:35 Meet and greet

18:45 Walk and talk along the coast

20:00 Visiting "Brutt Lenke", the Alexander Kielland monument.

20:15 ish... Bus back to Revheim or elsewhere.


Please dress according to the weather forecast, and bring a small back pack with something to drink and a small snack. Please enroll by name, company and phone number. We will forward a note including a participant list the day upon the event. 


For more information, contact Maria Mår Johansen 

Please enroll with company details (either company email or a private e-mail pluss company details), it's highly important for us to be able to register who attends our events. This leaves you with a more updated attendee list - giving you maximum gain from both our events and networking. Hope to see you!

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