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You will get acquainted with the Storhaug neighborhood, forage for blackberries and expand you network and improve our footprint at the same time!

Hello beach cleaners! 

This evening we will start at Strømsvik bad and make our way towards Godalen and Emmausbukta. The hike is fairly simple and suitable for family to join. We will bring garbage bags and gloves, you bring great vibes and network at the same time as you make a difference! 


17:30 - Meet up at Strømsvik bad

20:00 - Finish up somewhere between Emmaus and lervig. 

Maybe even some of you would like to meet for a drink afterwards. I can point you in the right direction.

I will point out a nice places to go swimming, where it's possible to go fishing and hopefully find some ripe blackberries. 

"Tavaha is the Nordic "aloha" and means taking care of the sea. It describes a culture where we who use the sea also contribute to it remaining alive. Because without a living ocean we cannot have a functioning planet. The ocean has always taken care of us, and it's time to give something back. That is why tavaha is our motto.." - Nordic Ocean Watch 

Please dress according to the weather forecast, and bring water and food if you'd like. Please enroll by name, company and phone number. We will forward a note including a participant list the day upon the event. 

Note: if there happens to be heavy rain on the day of, we will reschedule. 

For inquiries regarding the event, reach out to Maria Mår Johansen 

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