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Target audience: Professionals with proficiency in English as their foreign language
Are you often asked to repeat yourself when you are speaking? Do you have difficulty being understood on the telephone? Is your English proficiency high, except for pronunciation? Do you feel like people make inaccurate assumptions about you upon hearing you speak? If you answered yes to any of these questions then you may benefit from accent coaching.
Hilary Page Stautzenberger, an American Speech-Language Pathologist and owner of Stavanger Speech Therapy, will help you crack the English accent "code" and provide some helpful tips and strategies to improve your speech.
This seminar will focus on the following:
- The difference is between accent modification and accent reduction
- What exactly is an accent?
- Strategies to help people listen to WHAT you say, instead of HOW you say it
- How improving your accent also improves your comprehension

For more information, please contact Inger Tone Ødegård.


This event is free of charge. Registration: E-mail, name and company. If you have no company connection please enroll as individual or student.

All attendees will receive a separate email with all the practical details ahead of the event.



18.30 Registration and networking

18.45 Welcome by Stavanger Chamber International, Inger Tone Ødegård.

19.00 Advance your career with accent modification coaching, by Hilary Page Stautzenberger, Speech-Language Pathologist, Stavanger Speech Therapy.

19.45 Break and networking.

20.00 Accent Coaching part 2.

20.30 Open discussion and building relations.

21.00 Closing.


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