How to maintain a traditional Norwegian house?

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Wednesday 05. Jun Kl. 18:30 - 20:30

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05 Jun

How to maintain a traditional Norwegian house?

Maintaining a Norwegian home seems simple enough, right? 
Well, it’s probably not as simple as you think, especially when it comes to maintaining the exterior of a house, apartment or townhouse (sometimes also called a semi-detached property) in various weather conditions. 

Join Inger Tone and her family at their private property to learn some tips and hints on maintaining a Norwegian home that you may not be aware of, if you haven’t been in Norway for long.
This is a very informal event, since there are many ways to do outdoor maintainence. However, at the very least we will share some useful information.
You will get a lot of useful tips at a hardward store or online, but it feels a little different testing the tools, climbing in a ladder etc.   Many of these tips are useful if you are in the marked for a new house. 


Welcome and getting ready for a new season:
- Process of painting a house and wooden deck (scraping, cleaning and painting).
- Cleaning of roof rails and roof.
- What are the weak spots needing extra attention?  (windows, doors, chimney).
- Good practice and regulations in common areas/ neighbors.
- Gardering (incl. regulattions for hedges).
- Tips & ideas.

We will forward all participants practical information prior to this event including address, map and driving directions/ bus stop. 

Please wear a warm outfit for outdoor use.

This event is free of charge. Your name, email address and company connection is the only thing needed to register. Press any letter or number in the PO/ref.no field to complete the registration. All attendees will receive a separate confirmation email with all the practical details ahead of the day.

For more information, please contact Inger Tone Ødegård
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