Introduction to pilates with instructor Jill Stewart

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Thursday 01. Nov Kl. 10:30 - 12:00

Location: Rosenkildehuset

Registration deadline: 31. Oct Kl. 12:00

01 Nov

Introduction to pilates with instructor Jill Stewart

What IS Pilates? Is is something I can do? Benefits of Pilates for your health and wellness.

After a brief introduction we will all begin to move! Yay, the body is meant to move. Pilates will take your body into various exercises while having upmost focus on control, alignment and connection from your center. Together we will explore what is happening in our own bodies and find a deep connection to the center of the body (muscles of the back, stomach, seat and inner thighs) .
This focus, along with spinal and pelvic alignment, offers many benefits ultimately helping achieving a stronger core and improved postural awareness.
With this understanding you will be better suited to engage the correct muscles to keep the body safe, while moving and not just in Pilates but in everyday activites as well. Bonus!
Come and join us in this welcoming, fun, and informative Pilates session suitable for all ages and ALL fitness levels. Pilates is for everyone!

What to bring: Please bring with you a mat (like a yoga mat) and comfortable clothes:)

If you have any questions  please contact Randi Mannsåker
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